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Hearts and Puzzle Pieces
How could I be so damn careless? He dropped it and this is what happens. I spend forever putting it back together and now it's millions of tiny pieces are scattered across the floor.  
What a pain.
I should stop giving this puzzle to people who want to try and solve it. There he goes dropping it! When I just solved it. I just solved it! Now I have to start all over.
Click. Click.
He didn't even try to help when it broke too! It is his fault and should not leave me alone. All he did was stare at the floor and left me to solve this all on my own. That's what I get for trusting him to stick along.
I call this puzzle "The Heart", because when you solve it, it's supposed to look like a heart. Corny, right? Why would I care for such a puzzle. Its hard to solve and sometimes it can take years to finish. It's even more dangerous to carry it around with you and let people hold it and help you. Personal Experience.
Well I guess I better get back to putting the pieces of "Th
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Crowns and Wishing Wells
Jack and Jill went to the well to fetch a pail of water.
"Why, this is a wishing well! Come lets make a wish!" Jill exclaimed pulling out two shiny, siver coins. Jack contemplated this and agreed. They both closed their eyes and threw the coins into the well.
"Jill what did you wish for?" Jack asked.
"I can't say! If I do, it won't come true!" She smiled. He was about to retort, but got an idea.
"Say Jill, look down here! Let me hold your crown." He gently took the solid gold crown off her head. Jill went to the well and tipped her body over the edge.
"Brother, what is going on? There is nothing down here." Before she knew it, she was falling down the well. Jack peered down the well and stared at her broken body. Out of his pocket he pulled a silver coin.
"A coin for your thoughts, Jill?" Jack smirked.
Then he threw the coin down the well.
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Je T'aime and Goodbye
I'm sorry you had to feel tied down to me. I swear the leash on you wasn't that tight. Did she really make you as happy as I could make you? True my eyes will never be as blue as hers since mine are a dark brown, but I gave you anything you wanted. I saw your regret twinkling in your hazel eyes when I asked what you did at work and I felt your guilt every time our lips met. Her dirty blond curls fit her frame perfectly, yes, she is beautiful but she hurt you with out you even knowing. She went behind your back like you did to me. Oh I would do anything for you and I know you tried to make me happy, but your touch lacked passion and that spark that was once there is nonexistent.
I miss you when you leave. Every time you walk out that door I feel so cold because I know where you are going. You gave me a hesitant kiss and practically ran out of the house. I know I can't live like this anymore and I don't want to hurt you. I just can't keep watching the damn clock on the wall knowing with
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The Sinner and the Sinful
You were the angel
So full of faith
I was the demon
So full of hate
They were brought together by fate
Hell was not a pleasant place
So I went up to Earth to where it was safe
You were the Angel
In a paradise, in a haven
You were always safe
So why come down to Earth
Why come at all?
You did it to see me
What did you expect?
I'm not a prince; pure and sacred
Sorry I don't meet up to expectations
As fairy tails went
We could only meet half way 
So we loved in secret
Hoping for a day we could be
Even when they all found out
You still loved me
The others didn't approve
They looked down on you
Honey, at one point we were angels
But then we fell from grace
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 2 2
Blood Alcohol Content
Are these cheap bottles of whiskey and wine all you care about?
Probably, considering you waste away all the hard-earned money on such trivial things.
And, you gamble with your life everyday with each sweet sip of that vile liquid you take.
Just how do you feel waking up with a pounding headache?
It isn't just you that's in pain, especially when you take it all out on me.
Well, see if I care, when the venom starts to slowly eat away at your liver and lungs.
I'm just waiting for the day when you drown yourself in all that precious booze before you shrivel up and wither away.
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Broken Ivory Keys
His pale, delicate fingers elegantly slid across these ivory keys  
This was his special place where only he was safe.
His place where those bothersome sorrows slipped away
Where all his torment went astray.
His cries were mute to listening ears.
Once that last key was played, that invisible sanctuary disapears
His fears and sorrows slowly seeps into the back of his mind.
He holds his breath as that feeling of insecurity hits him harder this time.
Standing up, he takes a bow glancing back to the sleek, black piano.
Just yearning to play that sad piece once more. 
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 3 6
Laying in this Riverbed
Neck deep in salty waters,
Soaking in her own sorrows
She hopes for a savior.
That mysterious knight in shining armor.
To rescue her from drowning in bitter, heart-broken thoughts.
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 1 2
Nod your head and agree
Although you disagree
It's the mature thing
Leave the dim room and out the door.
Make the phone call to the doctor
Make this desicion now or never
This is a story about depression.
It's supposed to help me
How will this little pill
Bring joy to a tormented heart?
Some bruises can't be healed
These scars wont go away
Their constant reminders of what I
Once was.
I walk into school
Head held down, afraid to meet eyes.
Feeling like they're talking about me.
It's okay, just fake a smile and pretend your happy
Time just goes to fast
For slow wounds to heal
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 4 8
Fearless, I am, but wingless
Always wondering if your worred about me since you
Left me in sharp and tiny pieces.
Leave then, if i'm not good enough for you.
I trusted you and you promised to
Never leave me alone in the dark
Give me you hand and save me as i'm
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 1 7
These Tears are for You
Once upon a time
There was a young girl about the age of 10
People made fun of and tormented
Just becaused she liked a boy
Because of anything really
She tried to stop feeling anything for anyone
Until she turned 15
Then she met you in the 9th grade.
You came as a new student, and the girl was shocked
To have a boy so nice to her
He didn't insult her.
He wasn't mean to her
She wanted to be around you more
She needed that nice, accepting energy
You gave her.
They got to you, though, didn't they?
You are their friend, and she was devistated.
She tried to talk to you, but she was so confused
She didn't know what to say to you.
After awhile you couldn't look her in the eyes
She could never look you in the eyes, she was just to shy.
Did she disgust you?
Did they finally get to you? Warp you?
She cried last night, not knowing why you doing what you are.
What made you so special?
You were different!
She wants to scream it so bad.
Her heart pounds against her chest
As overwhelming saddness fil
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 5 5
Waking up is the Hard Part
I caught myself staring again
It's killing me, why can't I just tell you?
I can't even talk to you without so much as slipping up
Don't you see my feelings for you?
Gosh and you probably don't even notice me
I'm not strong enough to walk by you
I don't even try dreaming
They're full of lies and betrayel
Because everytime I wake up
You dont treat me like you do in my dreams
It just breaks me more
You make me broken 
And you don't even realize your doing it
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 1 2
Requiem of a Broken Heart
Birth-10 years
I can't.
"Kill it," I hear a soft whimper.
I couldn't.
"You heard me."
I know...
The knife slipped from my trembling hands.
"You bad boy!"
He slapped me across the face.
I showed no pain, it only brought him satisfaction.
"Kill it!" He screams in my face.
The puppies eyes shine up at me in confusion and innocence.
My eyes narrow and I glare at the ground.
"Do it or I'll put you down like a dog!"
He wants me to put down the dog, fine.
I get up and glancing over at the smirking man.
"Good boy." He says with sarcasm stitched in his words.
I pick the knife up and stand in front of the chained dog.
I grip onto the knife and turn around to the man who dared to call himself my father. I ran to him, pushing him over, shocking him slightly.
"What are you doing? Kill it!" he said angerly getting up and trying to overpower me.
I managed to give him a blank look while defending myself. "I am."
He howled with laughter, "You think you can kill me? You don't have the guts!"
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 13 6
Through the Eyes of a Child
Where has innocence gone?
Snatched by those so close to us
It's so cold, without a heart.
Don't give up, my friend told me.
How could she understand?
Nothing will ever be the same again.
I will never be able to trust man
Come and dance with me in the Field of Contempt
How unfair, life is.
The way it punishes it's children without reason
This body I live in, is unfamiliar.
Is uncomfortable.
It's dirty.
Tainted by you, whom I so trusted
Guilt fills my immaculate heart
As I sit on this bed of mine, curled in a ball
Living yesterdays memories
Oh what I would give to take it all back
And gain what I have so preciously lost.
How cold, the real world is.
Pity, I don't want it.
What good will it possibly do for me?  
Wont undo what has happened.
But it has undone me.
Blinded by fantasy
But, somehow, I can see perfectly now
I must give you credit for what you have done
To help me see the cruelty of humanity
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 4 6
The Walking Dead
She walks around everyday
Expected to put on a smiling face
But what they don't know
What they don't see
Is a girl who is slipping away
She's decaying
Inside is where her pain lies
So she starts to lose feeling
Starts to lose her mind
She's a walking corpse
She's not alive
There are times when she wonders
If her heart is still beating
She's broken
Like cracked porcelain
She feels lost everyday
In the real world, innocence doesn't exsits anymore
Oh how she longs to be lost in the world of fantasy
Where dreams do come true and where love isn't lie
She doesn't feel blood running through her veins
They must have embalmed her already
She doesn't know how much more
She could possibly take
It chipping away at her
Like an artist at work
She goes to school everyday
And doesn't feel a thing
She's numb
Besides, the dead don't feel a thing
She's so used to this weight on her shoulders
Come and give her your burdens
She'll carry them for you, so you don't have to
Her heart stops with every step she
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They all Die Tonight
Broken Dreams
  Broken Promises
    Broken Hearts
       Do you know what they have in common?
They all die with the Night.
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 3 10
Pocket full of Rosies and Ash
-Ring Around the Rosies-
When we were little kids you would take my hand and spin me around and around until we got to dizzy and fell down. Your eyes sparkled when you smiled at me. It was as contagious as the flu, so I smiled back at you. You fell ontop of me and our eyes conected for a split second. We laughed it off and stood up walking around like a bunch of drunken pirates. We were to young to know what love really ment, but I knew you were always there for me, my best friend.
It was my 9th birthday and you came over. Your hands nervious hands were behind your back and a faint rosie blush was on your cheeks. I smiled at you and your eyes twinkled a bit and you started to relax. You removed your hands from behind your back and presented me with a yellow rose. You quickly gave it to me and ran away. I smiled at the gift, it was the best gift I recived that day because, all the other gifts were expencive and dull. Yours was soft and vibrant, like the light.
-Pocket Full of Posies-
:iconmybloodytearsfalling:mybloodytearsfalling 2 5


Alice in Wonderland by ElinTan Alice in Wonderland :iconelintan:ElinTan 1,221 120
Maybe the door looks better from the other side but it seems to take another piece of me every time it closes behind you. Though, I'm pretty sure you've already taken everything I have left, but when words bombard across this battlefield we've been building for weeks now, the fact never seems to cross your mind. (Or do you just enjoy taunting me with slammed doors and taillights and unfinished sentences?)
Your eyes used to be free and pure and sky tinted, but it pains me to look into them now. Shame builds up in the blue like storms clouds and it almost makes me want to ask what's wrong. But that's a question, and questions usually bring answers that I don't want to hear.
And we used to be like that: weightless, but now everything just feels tainted. Those lips mix with my tears and I'm sorry, but you don't taste like you used to and I just cant take it.
And I'd rather not know. It might not make a whole lot of sense right now, but it doesn't have to for it to mean something and I want
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Another Dragon by jldevane97 Another Dragon :iconjldevane97:jldevane97 4 2 Dragon by jldevane97 Dragon :iconjldevane97:jldevane97 4 4
They Told Us
They Told Us:
They told us we weren't artists,
They said that we're just puttin' words on paper...
They told us we wouldn't make it,
Because language isn't unique...
Ta hell with them all I say,
Because I know tha truth they seek ta hide.
Writers, poets,
We're treated like third-rate artists.
Our hands can't create magical pictures,
We can't create comics ta make people laugh,
Or emotive portraits ta make em cry...
But what they don't see is tha title,
What they don't see is tha description,
They don't even see tha comments or replies!
They look only at themselves,
And at tha talent they seem ta proclaim.
It's like starin' at an old english aristocrat,
Ignorin' us simply because we're farmers.
But what they don't see are the words.
Words used ta give a picture context.
Withou' a title, a picture is just a mix of colours and lines.
Who could understand an image, withou' a title?
If art alone suffices, why not let every piece be nameless?
I'll tell ya the truth, separated from the
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 876 808
Caaarrrrlllll by iris-moss Caaarrrrlllll :iconiris-moss:iris-moss 16 16 Llamas, with hats. Stamp. by Bugspray609 Llamas, with hats. Stamp. :iconbugspray609:Bugspray609 1,444 126 Carl the llama by theUNDEADSHARK Carl the llama :icontheundeadshark:theUNDEADSHARK 75 17 Carl Stamp by Hoshi-Hikaru Carl Stamp :iconhoshi-hikaru:Hoshi-Hikaru 425 86 Death By Inspiration by colinlepper Death By Inspiration :iconcolinlepper:colinlepper 3,805 228 Mad Monkey by Paxjah Mad Monkey :iconpaxjah:Paxjah 471 63 Angry Birds Avatar - Blue by Synfull Angry Birds Avatar - Blue :iconsynfull:Synfull 105 27 Who is this girl by kaminary-san Who is this girl :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 4,375 233
By a Lady
You sang of sensibilty
But your curls were crossed fingers
You orchestrated fits of tears
and wrote plans to fall in love
Each thought was well-laced,
A corset tracing your back
making you fit
and pushing me out.
I called myself sense
and hid in contentions and subpoints.
But my eyes were lined with questions
(the kind that don't have answers)
A glimpse of you
sent my cheeks burning,
my reasons crumbling
as I ran with rain-soaked skirts.
:iconmoon-electric-lives:moon-electric-lives 11 2
You looked. I glanced. We met. I smiled. You smiled back. A sentence here. A metaphor there. A memory we both found beyond repair. I shared. You listened. You shared. I heard. You paused. And then I kissed you.
We're happy.
Fingers pressed skin. Then danced apart. I teased. You laughed. You joked. I grinned. Stairwells were dreamcatchers. Stars were destinies. Guitars became epiphanies. More words. More memories. More to admit. More to regret. You were damaged. I was broken.
We're happy.
You stopped smiling. I didn't laugh. Words began to go unspoken. Regrets emerged. Fingers didn't touch. Lips faltered. Stairwells were nightmare holders. Stars were dead light from the skies. Guitars became dust ridden.
We're happy.
Words became unspeakable. Memories were untrustworthy. Your eyes told lies. My hands betrayed me. We broke apart before we had a chance to be. I became distant. And were gone.
I'm happy.
Now repeat until you believe it.
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 595 277


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United States
But did you know,
That when it snows,
My eyes become large and
The light that you shine can be seen.
I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
The more I get of you,
The stranger it feels, yeah.
And now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray.
There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain,
My power, my pleasure, my pain,
To me you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny.
Won't you tell me is that healthy, baby?

-Kiss From a Rose by Seal

My name is Emily. I'm 15. No, you can't have my last name. Nothing else is really that exciting about me lol..... If you have any specific questions, i'll answer to the best of my ability.

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